Project "Rising the awareness of Polish people who may be at risk of being trafficked while going abroad"

Published Publication date 20.12.2017

Project "Rising the awareness of Polish people who may be at risk of being trafficked while going abroad" is carried out in the framework of the PL-15 “Schengen Cooperation and Combatting Cross-border Organised Crime, including Trafficking and Itinerant Criminal Groups” of the Norway Grants. The project’s budget amounts to 56,000 PLN of which 47,600 PLN is the support from Norway Grants.

  • Project implemented under Norway Grants
    Project implemented under Norway Grants

The project is carried out by the Unit for the European Migration Network and Prevention against Trafficking in Human Beings in the Department of Analysis and Migration Policy and some of the activities are supported by Koordineringsenheten for ofre for menneskenadel (KOM) – Coordinating Unit for victims of trafficking in human beings, Norwegian institutions and non-governmental organizations and the Polish Embassy in Norway.

The aim of the project is to strengthen bilateral cooperation with Norwegian institutions and organizations involved in combating and preventing human trafficking, exchanging experience and good practice in this field and gaining information on the exploitation of Polish citizens in Norway. Another important element is the dissemination of information on THB among Poles already living and working in Norway.

The activities include:

  • organization of a study visit to Oslo for five Polish representatives (3 representatives of the Ministry of Interior and Administration, 1 representative of the Police Headquarters and 1 representative of the Border Guard Headquarters). During the visit, Polish delegation will meet experts responsible for counteracting human trafficking in Norway. The purpose of the visit is to gain best practices and to gather the necessary materials for a report on the situation of Poles going to Norway for work,
  • the publication regarding the situation of human trafficking in Poland and Polish people who are going abroad. This report will be based on information and data which will be gained during study visit in Norway.

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