Study visit in Oslo under a project co-financed by the Norwegian Grants - "Rising the awareness of Polish people who may be at risk of being trafficked while going abroad”

Published Publication date 20.12.2017

Between 20-22 September 2017 a study visit in Oslo took place. It was organized as part of the project "Rising the awareness of Polish people who may be at risk of being trafficked while going abroad" co-financed by the Norwegian Grants in the framework of the PL-15 “Schengen Cooperation and Combatting Cross-border Organised Crime, including Trafficking and Itinerant Criminal Groups”.

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The study visit was organized for Polish delegation: three representatives from Department of Analysis and Migration Policy at the Ministry of the Interior and Administration: Justyna Jarząbska, Agata Kobylińska and Marcelina Mroczkowska, one representative of National Police Headquarters: mjr. Michał Grzelec and one representative of the Border Guard Headquarters: mjr. Tomasz Nowak.

The focus of the study visit was put on the phenomenon of human trafficking in relation to the Polish citizens who have been or still are exploited in Norway and on the system of counteracting that crime.

During the study visit following issues were discussed:

  • competences of Norwegian institutions and organizations in the area of THB,
  • scope of assistance given to victims,
  • coordination of the anti-trafficking system, especially avoiding the same actions taken by various institutions and organizations,
  • identification of people who are exposed to exploitation and may become a victim,
  • reintegration assistance for victims of THB, including inclusion into Norwegian society,
  • procedures of obtaining the residence permit,
  • available medical care in Norway for THB victims,
  • Norwegian language courses for victims who decided to stay in Norway.

It needs to be stressed that the Embassy of the Republic of Poland in Oslo took an active part in the organization of the study visit and in the preparation of the agenda.

On the 20th of September a meeting with representatives of the Norwegian Police - Koordineringsenheten for ofre for menneskenadel (KOM), Coordinating Unit for victims of trafficking in human beings was held.

The next day on the 21st of September in the Embassy of the Republic of Poland in Oslo a seminar was organized in which the following institutions and organizations took part: International Organization for Migration (IOM) in Oslo, Red Cross, NAV, CARITAS, Salvation Army, Church Mission in Oslo, Ministry of the Interior and Administration of Poland and Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Norway. Among the invited guests there were also representatives of scientific institutions and diplomatic corps from the Nordic countries, the Baltic Sea States, the Visegrad Group, the Balkans, Ukraine and the Philippines.

On the 22nd of September a meeting at the Church Mission (Nadheim Kirkens Bymisjon - Oslo) was held. This Church Mission assists women - victims of violence and sexual exploitation.

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